Monday, August 3, 2015

Review of "Counter Culture" by David Platt

by Tony Thomas

In his new book, "Counter Culture", author David Platt deals with many controversial issues including poverty, same-sex marriage, racism, sex slavery, immigration, abortion, persecution, orphans and pornography. The publisher was kind enough to provide me with a review copy.

His assessments of these issues are both powerful and Biblical. He brings scripture to bear on these difficult issues and his solutions are often convicting. He effectively demonstrates how the church has abdicated its role as salt and light in a fallen world.

Platt presents many examples from his travels around the world and this helps to reinforce his positions. The accompanying website, encourages believers to take action by supporting groups that are helping to address these issues.

I would urge all Christians to purchase “Counter Culture”. It is an important book. We all need to listen to David Platt’s prophetic call to confront our culture and to spread the message of deliverance that is inherent in the Gospel.

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